Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

I am finally back, but still finalizing both my final exam for one course and a research paper for another. If I don't blog for a few days, please keep coming back as I will be reading up a storm come next week.

Yesterday was fun for a little while as I suprised my monther with a birthday party in the senior center where she spends most weekdays. She turned 85 and was very proud of it. Everyone at the center said she was really down for most of the morning as she thought noone had remembered. Once the cake arrived, she was her bubbily self and very happy.

I actually did finish a book (I had to as there was a hold and I couldn't renew it).

FINGERSMITH by Sarah Waters is the tale of two young girls in Victorian England. The novel twist and turns, taking not only the character's, but also the reader on a roller-coaster of shifting truths so that nothing is as it seems. I love Victorian literature and the prose of Ms. Waters rings like something out of Dickens or Austin. Don't be afraid, there are also some very 21st Century themes which are very suprising in this tale of lies and deceipts. I highly reccomend this novel.

Well, I am back to finishing off my research and writing.

Until next time, Good Afternoon and Good Reading!

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  1. Fingersmith sounds good, I'll have to look it up. Good luck on your studies and thanks for the follow:) Back at ya!