Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010

Hi all,

Well, my first day of "summer" and I wake up with a migraine. I should have known as they tend to hit right after a lot of stress. So, I am still working on my next book, but promise that I will have it done and will post about it tomorrow.

I keep forgetting to mention this, but I had a very cool experience the other day.

I was heading to a restaurant when I saw a woman in a wheelchair in the street on the other side of the road with a German Shepherd excitedly pulling at a leash attached to the chair. I thought the dog was not a very good "helper", but as soon as the dog got her onto the sidewalk he immediately calmed down and walked straight ahead as if nothing was wrong.

I think we sometimes, underestimate the intelligence of our four-legged friends. I thought the dog was not doing his job, but that was exactly what he was doing. I wish I had some two-legged friends I could count on as much. I you have a "furry one" around your house, go and give him or her a hug!

Until tomorrow, Good Night and Good Reading!!

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