Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010

Migraine's gone and I finally finished another book on the list!

THE RED QUEEN by Margaret Drabble

There are two stories in this novel. The first half tells the tale of 18th Century Korean Princess Hyegyong who is betrothed to Prince Sado who turns out to be not only manic depressive, but a little insane. It is a little confusing as the Princess is telling her tale after her death (the author never really explains how).

The second half follows the story of Dr. Barbara Halliwell who is headed to modern South Korea for a conference. Before her trip she receives a package from containing Princess Hyegyong's memoir, which she did not order. She reads the story on the plane to Korea and then meets up with two men who accompany her on a journey to visit the palace where the Princess lived.

There are some connections between the two tales via the Princess' spirit/ghost which has "chosen" Dr. Halliwell to make her story known.

All in all, I enjoyed the second half much more than the first and wish that the first half had been much shorter. The author writes in a foreword that she is not a historian, so she shouldn't be judged as such, which I think is a cop-out.

Although I really cannot recommend this novel, I will admit that it made me want to read more about Korea and Confucianism as there were aspects of the story which made me want to know more about the country and its beliefs.

18 books (This one and Fingersmith added) read
983 to go

Until tomorrow, Good Night and Good Reading!


  1. OOPS! Guess I was so excited to finally get through another I forgot to update. I believe your're right and my post is updated.

    Thank you for noticing.

  2. Wow.. you are going good! I should consider doing this challenge!