Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010

Sorry to say I don't have that much to report reading-wise as I just finished the assignment I have been slogging through for the past couple of weeks. Now all I have is a presentation tomorrow, a final exam, and a paper and I'll be able to devote quite a bit of time to books.

I actually made some time late last night to go see The Runaways which is the story of the first all-girl rock band in the 80's by the same name which Joan Jett got together. It was pretty good, I liked the music, but I really find it hard seeing these child actors grow up on screen (Dakota Fanning played the bands lead singer, Cherrie Curry). I hope she goes on to have a long career as she has always been a fine actress. Kristen Stewart was her normal, morbid, depressed self (sorry Twilight fans), but still put out a good performance as Joan Jett. I figure this will be on video soon and it's worth checking out.

So, tomorrow I plan on taking a 1/2 day off of study to read and should be reporting a new finished title.

Until then...Good Night and Good Reading!


  1. Hi there... I saw you were attempting this challenge.

    I wondered if you had yourself a copy of the new v4 1001 Books Spreadsheet to help track your progress with the list... If you want, you can get a copy from my blog.

  2. I actually already have a copy of the list on a spreadsheet and the book, but thank you for the offer!